Who Does Abortion Really Hurt?

Women. Abortion hurts women.

1. Women who have had an abortion have a 30% higher risk of breast cancer.

“Upon conception, a surge of oestradiol reaches twentyfold
in the first trimester, triggering an explosive growth of breast
tissue, a period when breast cells are most likely to be
affected by carcinogens. When a woman completes her first
full pregnancy, further hormonal changes propel these newly
produced breast cells through a state of differentiation, a
natural maturing process which greatly reduces the risk of
future breast cancer.2
An abrupt, premature termination of a first pregnancy by
abortion arrests this process before the cancer-reducing
evolution of hormone release later in pregnancy can occur,
leaving a large population of dangerously-stimulated breast
tissue cells in place, greatly raising future cancer risk.”


2. Having an abortion can lead to future infertility.

By Infertility I mean problems conceiving and carry a child to term. Women risk contracting Pelvic Inflammatory disease; uterine perforation;  Asherman’s Syndrome; endometrial ossification; endometrial adhesions; and ectopic
pregnancy. Some post-abortive complications are so severe that a hysterectomy must be performed, ending the woman’s chances of ever having a child.

3. Women risk death.

Women who undergo abortion have a death rate 4 times greater than those that give birth to their children. Additionally, the suicide rate for women who gave birth is 6 times lower than those who aborted.

14% of all  deaths from legal abortion are related to anesthesia complications.

Abortion hurts men.

Men are being cheated out of fatherhood by a “woman’s right to choose”.  Telling them that they have no say is wrong and unfair. The woman didn’t magically become pregnant on her own, therefore the decision should not be solely hers to make.

Even men who were part of the decision suffer from post-abortion regret. Again, this isn’t just a “woman thing”. If effects both partners.

Abortion hurts children.

How many children were cheated out of life? How many siblings were cheated out of having a brother or sister?

Abortion hurts society.

Society places a lack of humanity on the unborn by allowing abortion to happen.  It reduces a child to a mere “thing” that can be disposed of like an empty paper cup.

with that lack of humanity placed on the unborn, society has gone the route of seeing less value in any other human life except their own.  Our society has become selfish,  children are being taught that life is cheap. We have taught them that life can be easily taken with little consequence. We have taught them that we are all nothing more than animals, no different that a cat or dog. We’ve taught then to care more about trees and whales than their fellow man.

Abortion; simply put, hurts everyone.

Stay tuned for the next post. I haven’t decided on the topic yet. There are so many. If anyone has a suggestion please comment below!

Until then, God Bless.


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