I Haven’t Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry its been so long. I’ve had a string of events and one destroyed (yes Destroyed!) computer standing in my way of posting lately.
First we were on vacation. By vacation I mean my hubby had 2 weeks off from work so we spent a lot of time going out or just hanging around the house enjoying each others company.

During that time we took our eldest daughter to Camp Sancta Maria in Northern Michigan. It was about a 4 hour trip up, a couple of hours at camp getting her checked in and settled, and then another 4 back. Or so we thought. About 2/3 of the way though the trip our car started overheating and we had to stop. Blew the intake manifold. Water everywhere and steam POURING out from under the hood. Long story short, it took us an additional 2 hours (maybe more) to get towed and rent a car to take us the rest of the way home. The shop had the car fixed a day and a half later, so off on another road trip to rescue the car and return the rental.

Then we had a day at the County Fair. It was great. Right to Life had a huge booth and display! It was awesome.

Couple days later and its back on the road to go pick up our daughter. Not so bad this trip. check out was quick and there were no mishaps on the way home!

Then I’m informed by family that one of my Uncles (also my God-father) who was battling lung cancer for a long time had gotten worse and Hospice was now taking care of him. So another road trip to go and visit before it was too late. I’m glad I went, a week later he had passed away. Back on the road again for the funeral.

Now to the destroyed computer. My laptop had been giving me some trouble and I was not using it much, just to check mail and write the blog. One of my twins picked it up carried it across the room. I asked her to give it back to mommy, not thinking about HOW she and her sister ‘give’ things back. Well, to them ‘give it back’ means to HURL it across the room. Yeah, laptop went flying! So now it makes this weird buzzing noise and tries to boot up, but stops before everything fully loads. Nice since all my notes, research and partially written Part Two of my last post was on there.

So now that things are settling down, Hubby is back to work, one daughter started school yesterday and the other two start next week, I’ll have more time to sit at the desk and use the beast (desktop computer) to write the blog.
I hope everyone has had a safe and blessed summer!

See you again soon! Until then, God Bless.


Abortion Is 4 Times Deadlier than Childbirth. Part 1

Abortion advocates are always relying on inaccurate maternal death statistics in the United States. They use this inaccurate data to claim that childbirth is six to twelve times deadlier than having an abortion.
Pro-life advocates however, contend that the stats used by the pro-abortion camp completely ignores high rates of other physical and psychological complications associated with abortion.

STAKES, the statistical analysis unit of Finland’s National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health has conducted a study of pregnancy-associated deaths in Finland  that has shown that the risk of dying within a year after an abortion is several times higher than the risk of dying after miscarriage or childbirth.(1)

In an effort to evaluate the accuracy of maternal death reports, STAKES researchers pulled the death certificate records for all the women of reproductive age (15-49) who died between 1987 and 1994–a total of 9,192 women. They then culled through the national health care data base to identify any pregnancy-related events for each of these women in the 12 months prior to their deaths.

Finland has socialized healthcare, which makes these records more accurate and complete than records kept in the US. the STAKES researchers identified 281 women who had died within a year of their last pregnancy. The unadjusted mortality rate per 100,000 cases was 27 for women who had given birth, 48 for women who had miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, and 101 for women who had abortions.

The researchers then calculated the age-adjusted odds ratio of death, using the death rate of women who had not been pregnant as the standard equal to one. Table 1 shows that the age-adjusted odds ratio of women dying in the year they give birth as being half that of women who are not pregnant, whereas women who have abortions are 76 percent more likely to die in the year following abortion compared to non-pregnant women. Compared to women who carry to term, women who abort are 3.5 times more likely to die within a year.

Deaths from Suicide

Using a subset of the same data, STAKES researchers had previously reported that the risk of death from suicide within the year of an abortion was more than seven times higher than the risk of suicide within a year of childbirth.(2) Two of these suicides were also connected with infanticide. Examples of post-abortion suicide/infanticide attempts have also been documented in the United States.(3)

The same finding was reported in STAKES’ more recent study. Among the 281 women who died within a year of their last pregnancy, 77 (27 percent) had committed suicide. Figure 2 shows the age-adjusted odds ratio for suicide for the three pregnancy groups compared to the “no pregnancy” control group.

Notably, the risk of suicide following a birth was about half that of the general population of women. This finding is consistent with previous studies that have shown that an undisturbed pregnancy actually reduces the risk of suicide.(4)

Abortion, on the other hand, is clearly linked to a dramatic increase in suicide risk. This statistical finding is corroborated by interview-based studies which have consistently shown extraordinarily high levels of suicidal ideation (30-55 percent) and reports of suicide attempts (7-30 percent) among women who have had an abortion.(5) In many of these studies, the women interviewed have explicitly described the abortion as the cause of their suicidal impulses.

In part 2 we will look at statistics on death by accident, homicide, natural causes and the conclusions of the study.


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