Who’s Waging the Real War On Women?

We’ve heard so many times how the Pro-Life movement and the Republican Party are waging a “war on women”.  It’s time to expose who is really waging a “war on women”.

1. Planned Parenthood offers birth control and abortions without parental consent.  A teenager wrote to Planned Parenthood asking about how she can obtain a second-trimester abortion without permission from her parents:

Is abortion possible after the first trimester? How much does an abortion cost if you are a minor and want to keep the abortion from your parents?? Help!!!”

Planned Parenthood then directs her to this link where she can see if parental consent is required in her state, and also advice on how to skirt those laws. For instance, If I scroll down to my home state of Michigan, it says:  “Your state requires that one of your parents give permission for your abortion. A judge can excuse you from this requirement.” If a minor girl can get a judge to excuse her, she can get an abortion. With all the liberal Pro-Choice judges out there, this wouldn’t be too difficult.

Planned Parenthood has already been exposed for covering up statutory rape assisting minors in obtaining abortions without parental consent. How is covering up rape “Pro-Woman”? Where is the justice for the victim? There is none. Instead, they create another by aborting an innocent child.

2. Planned Parenthood has been exposed for helping women abort baby girls. You can see the first part of Live Action’s 4  part series below.

How is this Pro-Woman? Aborting girls simply because they are girls. Yep, sounds totally Pro-woman to me!

3. Planned Parenthood does not provide accurate information on fetal development, the abortion procedure and risks involved.

PP is the loudest voice when protesting laws that require a woman view an ultrasound before having an abortion. Why do you suppose that is? Could it be because it will expose the lies that they tell women? The lie that “its just a clump of cells” . In one case, the PP representative told a woman that her 7 week old fetus had “no arms, no legs, no head and no brain,” all of course, are false.  Another PP representative told her that there are “heart tones” early on but no “heart beat” until much further on. There is no such medical term as “heart tones.” They just made that one up.

You can read Abby Johnson’s article about her ordeal with a medical abortion and how Planned Parenthood did not accurately inform her as to what would really happen.

When a woman has an abortion with Planned Parenthood, she doesn’t meet the “doctor” until she is prepped and on the table. No post-abortion care is provided.  They take your money and your baby’s life; after that, your on your own.

Let’s face it. PP does not want to give factual information because it would discourage women from aborting, and that’s PP’s moneymaker.

So I guess lying to women is also Pro-Woman.

4. Planned Parenthood does not offer mamograms. Sure, you can get a manual breast exam, but that’s something your regular physician can do, or you can do it yourself at home.  Lying to women by telling them they will get a complete cancer screening there, but they don’t.

5. Planned Parenthood does not offer Pre-natal or post-natal care. They only want to see you if your are willing to kill your baby, if not, tough rocks.

States that are defunding Planned Parenthood are not waging the war on women. Funds that would have gone to Planned Parenthood would be funneled to local health departments instead, where women would have access to low-cost birth control, mammogram referrals, pap smears and breast exams. Planned Parenthood is not needed for these services.

So you tell me; who is really waging a war on women?

Stay tuned for my next post: Who does abortion really hurt?

Until then, God Bless.



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