Wow, just wow….

This was in response to my post Women Deserve Better In 2013.

“At under 12 weeks, when over 90% of abortions are performed, there is no life. That clump of cells cannot feel pain, cannot think and certainly could not survive without the mother. There is no life to kill, so stop using such emotive language to try and bring others to your cause.

Men can legally walk away, countless cases prove that. Additionally, if you cannot force a man to be a father, why force a woman into becoming a mother just because she has the capability to carry the child?

It doesn’t surprise me that you’re part of the “don’t want kids, don’t have sex” brigade. How many times have you had sex in your lifetime? Has every single time been in the hope of procreating?

It’s not about being mentally capable of “handling” the consequences. Having an abortion would be the most responsible choice for someone in my position. The foster system in the UK and US are so woefully overcrowded that putting another child to languish in the system is not fair. Again, can’t force a woman to be a mother.

Our bodies were not designed, by the way. Humans have evolved, proven fact. Though I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re a creationist either.

There is plenty of logic in my statement. My having an abortion is nothing like child abuse (see aforementioned literal ball of cells which cannot think, cannot feel pain and by all biological criteria is not really alive), and trying to pretend it does shows a severe lack of understanding of both abortion and child abuse. Another woman choosing to have an abortion does not affect you, it’s a choice she has taken seriously to not bring a child into the world that she does not want and therefore could/would not look after. I have friends who want children later in life and would abort now as they are in the middle of advanced degrees, their choice to have children does not affect my life in any way, so how exactly does a woman’s abortion directly affect your own life? Do you have to be in the room when the procedure happens? Don’t think so.

Abstinence doesn’t work as a policy, by the way. I run a female support forum, and when children who are the product of abstinence education crop up – they are utterly unprepared for a sexual relationship. They are not educated about safe sex, they are not educated about proper consent. Also, rates of underage pregnancies in places where sex education is abstinence only are much higher than those with progressive education policies.

Get a clue.”

Seriously, this little girl is the one that needs a clue. Anyone care to enlighten her? She doesn’t seem to want to listen to me, but then again most children do not listen to their elders.



  1. John Barron · May 18, 2013

    I find that many pro-abortion choice advocates equivocate the term “life”. We mean the thing is alive. They mean life in the sense of “what kind of life is that…” the experience of the real world.

    I wonder if this is intentional or uninformed.

  2. bronzebrunette20 · May 18, 2013

    I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, as do you by allowing comments on your page.
    It’s really not fair to exploit this girl’s comment and humiliate her like this… It’s opinion. It’s not wrong, and it’s not right, it doesn’t even fall into that category! You’ve stooped pretty low…
    Get a clue? You need to get a clue, understand your opinion is not the only one on the face of the planet.

    • Jennifer King · May 18, 2013

      I understand that everyone has an opinion. Her comment was also woefully uniformed. I think she pretty much humiliated herself by even posting such nonsense on a public page.

  3. John Barron · May 18, 2013

    Opinions can be wrong. If someone had the opinion that the earth is flat, that opinion would be wrong.The person above seems to be of the opinion that once an ovum is fertilized it is not yet alive. That opinion is factually wrong. The sciences of embryology and biology are unanimous in the fact that at conception a new human life begins to exist.

  4. Jennifer King · May 19, 2013

    Sorry girls, but I’m not posting any more juvenile tirades. Take your “mean girl” act somewhere else.

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