Surviving Sibling

Being a pro-life male is… I’ll say challenging. It’s not a hardship by any means. But it’s not the norm. People will have you believe that most pro-lifers are old white men. That is not the case from what I’ve seen. Most I’ve seen are women. Young women. Which is awesome, but I feel that I’m in the minority.

It doesn’t help that countless times I’ve been told that I have no say because I’m a man. Which is completely unfair and untrue. They’d be completely fine with a man advocating for abortion. A pro-life man, however, is unacceptable. How is that fair?

Not to mention all the fathers who long for their children who were aborted. I know several men who hurt from such a tragedy. If they want to keep what they helped make, why should they be denied? It’s just not right.

So I know that I…

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