If Abortion Is So Great…

If abortion is so great, why don’t I hear any pro-abortion songs? There are plenty about choosing life, and some about the pain a woman suffers after an abortion, but I haven’t heard one extolling its virtues, have you?

If abortion is so great, how come I don’t see more pro-abortion poetry? I’ve read tons about how precious life is, and quite a few again, about the pain a woman is suffering, but I have yet to read one that expounds on how wonderful a woman feels afterward.

If abortion is so great. how come you don’t see happy smiling faces going in and out of abortion clinics? I have yet to see a woman come out of one skipping and singing, telling everyone how great she feels.

Do please pro-aborts, tell me again about how great it is.



  1. anguscroix · March 17, 2013

    I have never heard anyone say “Abortion is Great”. Pro choice or Pro life, the problem is not something congress can fix. Abortions have always been preformed in America. No law stopped them. For the rich, hospitals and clinics have always existed in America to perform Abortion. For the poor, abortion was a butcher business. I am Anti-butcher business. Continue to teach your values. Stop trying to legislate them.

    • Jennifer King · March 18, 2013

      Values are legislated all the time. If you don’t want values legislated, then you’d have to get rid of laws against murder, stealing, rape, etc.

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