When Will They Learn?

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. We’ve been super busy and have spent a lot of time on the road searching for the “perfect” used car. Thank Goodness that’s over! It can be a real pain trying to find something in the right price range without a ton of miles on it.  We’ve also have battled colds and flu… not fun! So far the only one to escape unscathed is my 15-year-old. (Sometimes the teenage habit of holing up in your room has its advantages!)

So; on to today’s post.

This was on one of my facebook posts today:another troll

Don’t you just love it when a pro-abort will start by calling you deluded and hate-filled, then proceed to call you hateful names? A tad hypocritical don’t you think? I wish that pro-aborts would take a moment to understand the pro-life position. I wish they would stop acting like spoiled brats that throw a tantrum whenever they hear or read something they don’t agree with. I wish they would just grow up. As I’m typing this my favorite pro-abort’s head is exploding, judging from the number of times my comment alert has gone off. 6 comments in 7 minutes, and in each one I’m being called names! Why am I not surprised?

How exactly is opposing abortion degrading to women? How is it making them secondary to a fetus? Answer: It doesn’t.

What I find degrading is women telling other women that they are incapable of being a parent. How a child would “ruin” their life. Who are they to make that determination? I would rather build a woman up by telling her she is strong, intelligent and capable of handling anything that comes her way, including parenting a child. If she needs help, she should be given that support, whether it is financial or any other help she may need.

The following graphic sums up each position quite nicely:prochoice

To my dear critic: I do not feel a woman is secondary to a fetus. I believe that they are EQUAL.  The child growing inside the mother has just as much of a right to life as she does. No one has the right to decide who has the right to live and who doesn’t.

Racist? Opposing abortion is racist? I beg to differ. More black babies are aborted than white. If anyone is racist, it would be those who support abortion.

Morally misguided?  Believing that all human life is precious and that we are all created in God’s image is morally misguided? Again I beg to differ. Those who feel it is perfectly okay to destroy a human life are morally misguided.

So my dear critic, yes I will continue to pray for the “precious babies” and the twisted souls of yours and all the others who feel that killing is a “right”.

Until next time (hopefully not as long!) God Bless.



  1. eMatters · March 13, 2013

    This would all be extra amusing if the subject weren’t so serious and if they weren’t so hate-filled themselves. Just compare pro-abort and pro-life rallies to see who the haters are.

    And when they call us racists it is so sad. Yeah, we fight to end a procedure that literally kills blacks at a rate 3x that of whites. Because we are so racist, of course!

    Keep up the great work! If those people liked you then you’d be doing something wrong.

  2. John Barron · March 13, 2013

    I wear those comments as a badge of honor. I know I’m doing something right if those are my enemies. I agree with eMatters, the pro-abortion view, and its arguments would be comical if they weren’t so dire. When it sinks in that people actually believe those things, it brings a sense of awe.

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