Pro-Aborts and Charity

Jesus charityPro-aborts claim to care about born people, but not if those born people need help by way of food, clothing and shelter. Then they become in the words of Margaret Sanger “human weeds.”

Pro-aborts would rather have a mother murder her child before he/she is born because they may end up on welfare. Pro-aborts don’t want anything to do with a born person if that person needs a helping hand. Charity is not in their vocabulary.  The only time you hear them whine and cry about “all those poor women” is when they want them to abort their children.

Pro-aborts will not lift a finger to help women who choose life. Don’t believe it? Do you see any parenting classes offered at Planned Parenthood? Do they offer free diapers, formula or clothing to women that choose to have their children? Help with finding a place to live or a job? Nope. They have to go to a Crisis pregnancy center to find those services.

A pro-abort’s idea of helping the poor is helping them kill their children. Yeah, that’s a big help.




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