Abortion Hits Prime-Time.

It came to my attention the other day that NBC aired an episode of the show “Parenthood” that dealt with the issue of abortion. I don’t watch any prime-time network television, so I was unaware of it until I came across a facebook post on the subject. I found it on NBC’s website and sat down to watch.

The title of the show was “Small Victories” and it aired January 8th.

Naturally Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was practically orgasmic over the show. She stated that she found it  “refreshing”. There was nothing refreshing about it. I saw a scared and emotionally detached young woman that wouldn’t confide in her parents or any other adult.  I saw a  boy who didn’t want her to have an abortion. I saw tears, anxiety, and a whole other host of emotions.

What was refreshing about that Ms. Richards? Is it refreshing to see a young woman go behind her parents back and kill her child? Or maybe it was the broken-hearted young man that was in tears at the end of the show that you found refreshing?

The only reason Cecile Richards is so giddy is the fact that her abortion mill got some free publicity.

Shame on you NBC for airing it, and shame on Cecile Richards for thinking that killing a child and emotionally destroying 2 young people is “refreshing”. I’m sorry, but you make me sick.

Jill Stanek has more to say on the subject. Right now I’m too angry to write any more.

Until next time everyone; God Bless.



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