The Pro-Aborts are Hyperventilating!

Caught a lot of flak from the pro-aborts over this one:

liberal choiceNaturally it got their knickers in a twist. They won’t comment on my page, (most of them are banned anyway) So they took the whine and cheese party to their page. Here’s what they had to say about it:


No one said anyone wanted to take them away. What the meme is stating is that Pro-choicers ( especially the ones on this particular page) do not approve of the choices listed above. Stay at home mothers are mocked, Homeschooling parents are mocked. They feel that no one should be allowed to own a gun.They’re doing the happy dance and gloating over the fact that others are being forced to pay for their contraception. If you declare a religious belief in front of this crowd here, you are called a “religutard” (whatever that is), or a weak-minded sheep. Mention Rush Limbaugh or anyone on FOXNews and the mockery machine goes into overdrive.

On to the comments. Notice the lack of comprehension.

ughdoneI never said I wanted to take over a woman’s reproductive rights. She has the right to abstain. She has the right to use birth control, she has the right to put her child up for adoption or she has the right to be a parent. By being pro-life and wanting Roe v. Wade overturned, suddenly I want to take away ALL her rights. Blow things out of proportion much?

Hypocrites like me advocate for adoption? How does advocating for adoption make me a hypocrite? Because I haven’t adopted? I don’t need to adopt, I have children of my own. All three were unplanned, so adoption was never an issue. Advocating that a woman give her child the chance at life by giving him/her to an adoptive couple that cannot conceive is not hypocritical. I clearly stated that if I became pregnant and couldn’t afford the child, I would give him/her to an adoptive couple that could. Again, blowing things out of proportion. They also stated in that comment that they don’t advocate for adoption. Well duh, they don’t want the woman to give birth, they want her to abort!

I have been on food stamps, and I have no problem with those that need it. I’ve said it over and over again. Food assistance and welfare was designed to be a stepping-stone towards independence. That’s what we used it for. It wasn’t intended to be a lifestyle. Those people are the ones I am unhappy about. It isn’t hypocritical to have been in the system, following the rules, working our way off assistance and expecting others to do the same.

I’m a moron for advocating for gun safety?  Heaven forbid we teach young people how to handle a firearm safely. Too many kids accidentally shoot themselves, friends or family members because they don’t know what they are doing. My dad wouldn’t let my brothers handle a gun until he taught them the proper way to handle it. I’ve never shot one myself, but I learned how to make reload when I was 10.  I never said allow kids to have access to guns, nor did the graphic I posted. The graphic clearly states “exposed” to guns, not access:

teens and guns

This one has to be my favorite:

“what do you think will happen to you when something happens to your husband? You and your defective chuds will be on social assistance for the rest of your worthless lives, living off the taxpayers. You’re too obese and simpleminded to get an actual career.”

Nice aren’t they? My kids are defective chuds (whatever that is) and we are worthless. Shows the love and tolerance of the pro-abort, doesn’t it? They know nothing about me, my education or my work background. But hey, if it makes them feel big, have at it cupcake. I know what I’m capable of, and its a lot more that you think.

I didn’t respond to the last little rant of theirs; I was getting tired of their hyperventilating and hyperbole. To answer the question: “What do you think/feel about people who are on public assistance that do not get a job because they feel the work is beneath them, or doesn’t pay them what they feel they are worth?”

If its a job that pays you money, any money that you can use to feed, clothe and shelter yourself, it isn’t beneath you. What should be beneath you is depending on others to pay for your everyday needs when you are perfectly capable of going out and earning a wage. So what if the pay is lousy? If you are on food stamps, you will continue to receive them as long as your income falls within the state’s guidelines. They do not cut you off right away. As your wages go up, your benefit amount goes down until you are no longer in need of help. That’s how the system was designed to work. To say that work is beneath you shows an inflated sense of self.

Dealing with the exaggerations, ignorance and downright nastiness of these folks are what an active pro-life advocate goes through on a daily basis. It isn’t fun. Will I give up? Not until abortion has been abolished. Not until Choicers start building women up to their potential instead of tearing them down by telling them they are incapable of motherhood. Millions of women have kids and go to school. Millions of women have kids and work outside the home. Is it difficult? yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Until next time, God Bless.




  1. md05 · January 10, 2013

    I think it is very unfair to label all “pro-aborts” in this manner. You argue against hyperbole, yet the entire “liberal logic” meme is one big exaggeration! Not every liberal is pro-choice, and not every liberal or pro-choice person condemns these rights. Not every pro-life person supports them. Yes, Jennifer expressed herself well in the comments, and the comments directed towards her were not very intelligent. However, I have seen the opposite in other pro-life/pro-choice arguments. I’m sure you can agree that there are people that share your beliefs who have presented invalid and nonsensical arguments. Many liberals are nasty and ignorant! And there are just as many republicans who act in the same negative manner.

    I’m not saying I am pro-life or pro-choice. I’m not arguing against your beliefs. I disagree with the way that you presented them. It seems that there is an equal amount of hyperbole and hypocrisy on each end of the spectrum.

    • Jennifer King · January 10, 2013

      Actually the meme is spot-on when it comes to the group of pro-aborts I was dealing with on facebook at the time. I agree that not all liberals pro-choice, I have friends that belong to Democrats for Life. I do agree that there are those who are pro-life that have made nonsensical arguments, and I have called them out on it. I agree that many, but not all liberals are nasty and ignorant. Yes, there are Republicans that act the same way. No one is perfect.

      The post and the meme were directed at one particular group of nasty, ignorant pro-abort liberals. No all of them.

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