The Subtle Pro-Life, Pro-God Messages from TV’s “Desperate Housewives”

I used to watch Desperate Housewives when it was on prime time, but I missed out on the last 2 seasons, I can’t remember exactly why. I think there was a conflict with another show that both my husband and I enjoyed, so I just stopped watching.

I recently found it on Netflix Streaming, so I’ve been catching up on the seasons I missed. I began to notice something: The show had a definite Pro-God, Pro-Life message.

A majority of the characters on the show attended church. Bree was very active in her church and wasn’t afraid to profess her faith. At one point during the show’s run, she even helped Lynette grow closer to God.

Even Edie, the “slut” on the street, went to church. There was even an episode where she went to confession.

Now I’m not saying that the characters were perfect Christians, because we all know there is no such thing, We all sin, we all fall short of the Glory of God. But these folks did their best to live good honest lives.

Now on to the Pro-Life message. First we have Danielle, Bree’s daughter. She gets pregnant before finishing high school.  She has her baby and gives it to her mother to raise so she can finish school and go to college.

Next we have Edie. Edie had a son named Travers. She was not interested in being a mother, but she had the child anyway and her son was raised by his father. He made a few visits to Edie during her run on the show.

Then there’s Lynette. She becomes pregnant with twins late in life. She isn’t sure if she wants to be a mother again and confides in Susan how she is feeling. It doesn’t take her long to come to the decision that she will have the babies.

Lastly we have Susan’s daughter Julie, She comes home in the last season 6 months pregnant. She hadn’t told anyone of the pregnancy, but springs the news on her mother and that she is  going to put the baby up for adoption.

I think Julie’s story in particular is the most Pro-life of all. She waited 6 months before telling her mother. She knew she didn’t want to be a single mother, especially since she was 1 year away from getting her PhD. So she did the responsible thing and chose adoption. Her story could have gone a totally different way. She could have come home to tell her mother that she had gotten pregnant and had an abortion. But the writers chose to take the high road and go Pro-life.

Sure this show has its share of adultery, crime, lying, excessive drinking, and a whole host of other problems. But you can’t deny that there are some positive messages brought across as well.

Me, I like to focus on the positive.

Until next time, God Bless!



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