Women Deserve Better In 2013

Women deserve better than to be treated as sex objects by their government.

Women who have been raped deserve better than to be exploited by the abortion industry as poster children for legalized murder.

Women deserve better than to be told that they are incapable of raising a child.

How about we make 2013 the year that we push for better comprehensive medical care for women instead of focusing on their reproductive organs?

How about we push for our government to value women for their “Lady Smarts” and not their “Lady Parts’?

How about we push for empowering women to raise their children instead of killing them?

Just some thoughts.

Have a very Happy and Blessed New Year everyone, and thank you for your support this past year. I appreciate it very much.

Until next time, God Bless.



  1. pixiemumbles · May 10, 2013

    What you’re failing to realise is that women should be allowed to have the choice.
    Fathers have the option to walk away from a pregnant woman, so a woman who doesn’t want children should not be punished just for having the reproductive organs which enable carrying a child.
    Contraception isn’t 100%, I’ve just been through a pregnancy scare myself after having been using 2 types of contraception. It’s plain to see I don’t want a child, so had a pregnancy test come up positive, there’s no way I could carry that child. It would ruin me psychologically.

    How exactly does another woman’s personal choice affect you in any way? If you wouldn’t have an abortion, then that’s fine – but it doesn’t put you in any position to pontificate to the millions of us out there who do not want children.

    • Jennifer King · May 10, 2013

      I’m sorry, but the taking of another life should not be a “choice”. IF she didn’t want children she should have done something to prevent it. Engaging in sexual intercourse can result in pregnancy. If you aren’t willing to take responsibility for consequences of your actions, you should not be engaging in that activity.

      Men can’t just walk away. If a woman lets him walk off with no responsibility whatsoever, that’s her choice. No one can force a man to be a daddy, but you CAN and SHOULD make him financially responsible.

      Honey, if you aren’t mentally capable with dealing with the consequences of sexual intercourse, Perhaps you shouldn’t be engaging in it. Contrary to what the “me me me” generation seems to think, sex is NOT just for pleasure. Our bodies were designed to reproduce.

      If someone chose to harm you, it doesn’t effect me personally. Does that mean I should sit quietly by and not do something? Its like saying if I’m against child abuse, I shouldn’t abuse my child, but hey, if my neighbor wants to beat the living snot out of his child, who am I to say anything? There is no logic in that statement whatsoever.

      Bottom line, if you don’t want kids, don’t engage in sexual intercourse. Its such a simple concept, yet so few fail to grasp it.

  2. pixiemumbles · May 10, 2013

    At under 12 weeks, when over 90% of abortions are performed, there is no life. That clump of cells cannot feel pain, cannot think and certainly could not survive without the mother. There is no life to kill, so stop using such emotive language to try and bring others to your cause.

    Men can legally walk away, countless cases prove that. Additionally, if you cannot force a man to be a father, why force a woman into becoming a mother just because she has the capability to carry the child?

    It doesn’t surprise me that you’re part of the “don’t want kids, don’t have sex” brigade. How many times have you had sex in your lifetime? Has every single time been in the hope of procreating?

    It’s not about being mentally capable of “handling” the consequences. Having an abortion would be the most responsible choice for someone in my position. The foster system in the UK and US are so woefully overcrowded that putting another child to languish in the system is not fair. Again, can’t force a woman to be a mother.

    Our bodies were not designed, by the way. Humans have evolved, proven fact. Though I guess it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re a creationist either.

    There is plenty of logic in my statement. My having an abortion is nothing like child abuse (see aforementioned literal ball of cells which cannot think, cannot feel pain and by all biological criteria is not really alive), and trying to pretend it does shows a severe lack of understanding of both abortion and child abuse. Another woman choosing to have an abortion does not affect you, it’s a choice she has taken seriously to not bring a child into the world that she does not want and therefore could/would not look after. I have friends who want children later in life and would abort now as they are in the middle of advanced degrees, their choice to have children does not affect my life in any way, so how exactly does a woman’s abortion directly affect your own life? Do you have to be in the room when the procedure happens? Don’t think so.

    Abstinence doesn’t work as a policy, by the way. I run a female support forum, and when children who are the product of abstinence education crop up – they are utterly unprepared for a sexual relationship. They are not educated about safe sex, they are not educated about proper consent. Also, rates of underage pregnancies in places where sex education is abstinence only are much higher than those with progressive education policies.

    Get a clue.

    • Jennifer King · May 10, 2013

      Saying that the growing baby is a life is not emotive language my dear, its scientific fact. One living sperm and one living egg join together and make a totally separate individual life.

      Men walk away because women let them. No one is forcing her to be a mother, She already became one the minute the child was conceived.

      No, we did not hope to procreate each time. But we understood that it could happen, and were willing to accept it. If you aren’t willing to accept it, well…

      Ever hear of adoption??

      Evolution is a THEORY, not a fact. Read a book.

      Biological criteriafor life:

      1.) Can Reproduce YEP
      2.) Goes through homeostasis YEP
      3.) Needs Energy YEP
      4.) Is organized/ has cells YEP
      5.) Grows and Develops YEP
      6.) Responds to stimuli. YEP

      Again, read a book.

      Abstinence does work. I’ve never heard of (besides the Virgin Mary) any woman conceiving without having sex. Once you have sex, you are no longer practicing abstinence now are you? See how that works?

      If they are unprepared for a sexual relationship, they perhaps they should be having one. Just a thought.

      I think the one that needs to get a clue would be you my dear. Perhaps when you are older and ready to learn and listen to reason.

      • pixiemumbles · May 11, 2013

        Do not condescend to me. My opinion is not worth any less because I am younger than you, so don’t act like it is.

        It is not scientific fact. Ask any physician who is not pushing your anti-choice agenda.

        A woman is not a mother at the moment of conception. The ball of cells is not alive. A 9-week-old embro cannot reproduce, requires the placenta for homeostasis and is thus not performing it and does not respond to stimuli as it hasn’t developed nerves.

        Abstinence education does not work! How concrete does the evidence have to be before you and your anti-choice brethren accept this? From a simple google search you receive both scholar articles and sites to reputable medical research websites. Heard of google? It’s your friend. https://www.medify.com/blog/the-evidence-based-research-on-abstinence-only-education/
        And that’s just two from literally thousands.

        Abstinence “education” is not a feasible life choice. Telling children that sex makes them impure is extremely unhealthy for their mental wellbeing. Not teaching children about the OTHER consequences of sex i.e. STDs and the importance of condoms is also dangerous for their actual health also.

        My age has absolutely nothing to do with this. Once a girl has her first period, she has the potential to get pregnant. She needs to be educated about how to enjoy herself, have healthy relationships with men when SHE decides to, and what all of her choices are should her choice of contraceptive fails. Actually, your age may have something to do with your ignorance of women like myself – those who want to live their lives how they choose without being dictated to by anti-choice people about anything. I have piercings, I can get a tattoo. If my government decides to do so, I can marry a woman if I want. These choices do not affect you in any way, so I genuinely think you should but out.

        If you wouldn’t make the decision to abort, that’s fine. But don’t pontificate to other women who are taking this decision on their shoulders about what they should be doing.

        As an aside, in England and Wales there were 91,000 children in the care system. How many were adpoted? 70. How can you possibly say putting a child up for adoption is feasible when that child will almost certainly languish in the system until they are 18, kicked out and crapped on from the government? That’s an irresponsible reaction to a pregnancy, not aborting.

      • Jennifer King · May 11, 2013

        Sweetie, come back when you grow up, because right now you are being the typical snot-nosed child I deal with on a daily basis. Put your phone down, get off the computer and pick up a book. I suggest starting with an embryology text. Have a nice day.

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