Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Pro-Choicers Were Really Pro-Choice?

“Pro-choicers” aren’t really pro-choice. If they really were, they’d respect other people’s choices.

If you tell a choicer you’re a stay at home mom, do you think that they’d respect that choice? Nope. I’ve been called a leech, others have told me that they have been told that they were making the “wrong” choice. I guess if you don’t abort, they won’t respect your choice.

Tell a choicer that you are going to home-school your kids. Do you think that they will respect that choice? Nope. They’ll proceed to ridicule and tell the mother that she’s brainwashing her kids and that they will be socially repressed misfits.

Tell a choicer that you are going to put your child up for adoption. Do you think that they would respect that choice? Nope. They will either ridicule you for being a “baby factory” or try to make you feel like a monster for giving your child away. What the heck is up with that?? You’re not monster by having your child’s limbs torn off in your uterus, but you’re  a monster by giving the child a life and make a childless couple into a family? That is one I’ll never understand.

The only time a choicer will ever respect your choice is when that choice agrees with their rhetoric.



  1. college187 · March 30, 2016

    I,myself, and pro-choice and I completely disagree with everything you have said. I do have respect for women who are stay at home moms. That in itself is a full time job that I know takes a lot of work. I do respect the fact that some women like to homeschool their children. That in the end is their choice and I don’t see a problem with it at all. And I do respect the choice women make about putting their baby up for adoption. I don’t see them as monsters. If they know that the child would have a better life being raised by someone else then by all means do the right thing and let a loving family adopt them and give them everything you might not be able to. I do,however, believe that abortion should remain legal because women should be able to make that choice. Some women may have medical conditions that may result in a loss of pregnancy or loss of their own life and I don’t see why they have to be forced to remain pregnant knowing they are going to lose a child or possibly their life. I know that you probably disagree with everything I have mentioned but that is my personal belief and not everyone who is pro-choice believes everything you have written.

    • Jennifer King · March 30, 2016

      You would be an exception. Most pro aborts I deal with are vile, foul-mouthed Facebook trolls who come to pro-life pages just to mock and harass.

      To be clear, if a woman has a loss of pregnancy, IE a miscarriage, and the deceased fetus is not expelled, having it removed surgically is not considered an abortion. Also, life threatening issues usually come up late in a pregnancy. If this were to occur, the child would be delivered early and every effort is made to save both mother and child. There is never a medical reason to abort a perfectly healthy baby.

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