Tragedy in Newtown

I didn’t hear about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown until I was on my way to pick up my eldest daughter. They were reporting it on the radio. My first thought was “why?” Why does this happen?

When I heard that the children that the gunman killed were Kindergarteners, I felt a pain in my chest. As the mother of 2 kindergarten age kids, I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain that the parents of those children were going through.

It was an hour later that my two little ones got off the school bus. I was fighting back tears, thankful that my children were home safe, and again feeling the pain for  the parents who wouldn’t be seeing their children again.

I don’t know the history of Adam Lanza, what his home life was like or what mental illnesses he may have suffered. What I do know is that society failed him. Teachers failed to see that he had issues, his mother wouldn’t talk about it to anyone or reach out for help until it was too late. Society failed him because mental illness has been treated like something to be ashamed of, creating a group of people that feel they need to hide their condition and deal with it themselves rather than seek help from teachers, friends or relatives.

Society is quick to blame the guns. A gun is merely a tool. Without a human being to utilize that tool, it will sit there; useless. Its not the guns that are the problem, its the people.

If someone really wants to harm others, they will find a way to do it. Timothy McVeigh used a fertilizer bomb and a rental truck. No one has called for a ban on fertilizer or rental trucks. The 9/11 terrorists used box cutters and airplanes. Are those banned? Nope. Banning something will not make it go away, nor will it reduce the amount of crimes committed.

Evil exists. it always has and it always will. Evil doesn’t care if guns are banned, unless of course it wants to kill a lot of people, then it goes where it knows its intended victims are unarmed, like a school.

Do I think Adam Lanza was evil? No, I don’t. I understand that he was a disturbed young man. Satan saw this and realized that he could manipulate him into committing an evil act. Adam was just as much a victim as the children and teachers. Right before one of the greatest events in all of Christianity, Satan pulls this out of his hat. What better way to inflict pain on humans than to take away their most cherished?

God Bless the citizens of Newtown, the families of the victims and the survivors. May they grieve their friends and loved ones, and may they find peace in the midst of the hurt.



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