Raising Our Daughters To Be Ladies And Sons To Be Gentlemen.

Recently I came across this graphic on facebook:

LadiesThat quote gives us something to think about doesn’t it? If we want our daughters to be ladies and our sons to be gentlemen,  we need to teach them how instead of hoping they figure it out on their own.

We already teach them (At least I hope everyone does) to use good manners; saying “please” “thank you” and “excuse me” to name a few. I also teach my daughter’s to address their elders in a formal manner, using “Mr.” and “Mrs.” instead of first names. My mother always addressed our neighbors in this manner. I do it today.  To me, it shows the person respect.  My mother was a lady, and she raised me to be one as well. I remember she would dress for the grocery store they way some women would dress for the office. I found it a bit humorous that she’d be in her dress clothes, makeup on and hair up in a french twist, then climb into her little red Ford Ranger (complete with lift-kit) and head off to the store. She never walked out the door unless she looked like a presentable lady, and never let me out the door until I was as well.

Being a Lady or a Gentleman goes beyond manners. It also means teaching our kids to respect themselves as well. Girls need to learn that she doesn’t have to swear, drink alcohol, take drugs or have sex in order to be cool. Boys need to learn the same thing.

For girls, being a lady doesn’t mean that she is weak or repressed. It takes much more willpower and self-control to be a lady. I managed it until I was 26. I(I stumbled in the not-having-sex department, but I am now married to the man I stumbled with.)  NOT giving in to peer-pressure to drink or have sex is a lot harder than giving in. By not giving in, she will have more self respect for herself instead of caving in and having regrets. If your daughter possesses these qualities, she will go farther in this world, and if she chooses to marry, will attract a man that will treat her with respect.

Our sons should be taught to respect women. Don’t cuss in front of them. Don’t pressure a girl to do something that she doesn’t want to do, and stay away from those that are all too willing to do things they’ll regret later. Hold a door for others, be it a woman or a man. Use “Sir” and “Ma’am”. when speaking to a girl’s parents. Simple little things like that go a long way.

Just think, if all it took was our kids having a little self respect and respect for others, Drug and alcohol abuse wouldn’t be a huge problem.  The teen pregnancy rate would drop. Imagine what that would do to the abortion rates.

Until next time, God Bless.

P. S. Well, isn’t this interesting? When using the proof-reading feature, it marked the word “ladies” as biased language but not the word “gentlemen”. Go figure.



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