Pro-Choice? Seems More Like “No Choice”

Planned Parenthood is supposed to be pro-choice right? That means supporting women in ALL choices. So if they are so Pro-choice, why do only 7% of their clinics offer prenatal services? What about adoption services? None of their clinics have an adoption counselor.

If Planned Parenthood is so “pro-woman” why don’t they offer follow up care after an abortion? No sorry. All you get is  a sack with some low-quality birth control pills and sent  on your merry way. No instruction on how to take care of yourself. If you have problems afterward they don’t want to see you, they pawn you off on the local ER. (which is actually a good thing, since that’s where the real doctors are.)

So, no prenatal care and no adoption services. Doesn’t sound like they offer much “choice” do they?

Talk to any “Pro-choice” advocate and you get the same answers. “A woman shouldn’t be forced into motherhood” or “shouldn’t be forced to gestate” in the case of adoption. If the woman is choosing to be a mother or choosing adoption, then a “pro-choice” advocate should respect and support that choice, but they don’t. They shame women into thinking that they aren’t capable of raising a child. They call it a “mistake”. They think it’s better that a woman kill her child and wound her soul. Yeah, that’s “pro-woman”.

It’s not Pro-Choice. It’s Pro-abortion. I stopped using the term Pro-choice a long time ago, after realizing that these folks don’t support a “choice” unless that choice is abortion.



  1. Jackie · December 3, 2012

    They do offer follow-up care. In many cases, to help the woman and find out what is wring, machines need to be used that are typically only found in hospitals. If you want to look into adoption, they will refer to an agency with people equipped to do so. If youre having truble coping, they will refer you to a local counselor. If someone wants to keep the baby, they will refer to a doctor who actually delivers babies…. It all really makes sense. Why expect one agency, that operates on such a low budget, to provide every service having to do with pregnancy? They lay out the choices. They will help connect women to the services they want, and provide the services they are able.

    • Jennifer King · December 4, 2012

      Key word that appears in your comment Jackie is “refer”. Refer is not the same as offering. If PP was truly “pro-choice” and “pro-woman” as they claim, these services would be offered in all their clinics. The only service they are pushing all their clinics to provide is abortion.

      • Jackie · December 6, 2012

        So you’d be okay with Planned Parenthoods services if it also included counsel on keeping the baby or adoption in addition to the abortion options? You’re demanding Planned Parenthood offer these options, but they can’t demand all of their centers offer the service of abortion? I’ve known many women who ave gone there, found out about an unexpected pregnancy, and gone onto keep the baby. They weren’t put under any pressure to get an abortion. A lot of people make it seem like the force abortion on women the way adoption agencies tend to guilt women into giving up their child to adoption.

      • Jennifer King · December 6, 2012

        They’d be more “pro-choice if they did. “Guilt” them into giving up their child? Are you serious? Pregnant women contact adoption agencies because they WANT to give the child up.

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