The Two Words Pro-Aborts Hate The Most

Mention either of these two words to a pro-abort and you’ll see their head spin like the scene from The Exorcist.

Don’t you dare mention abstinence because heaven forbid they have to deny themselves the pleasures of the flesh. Well girls, if you are that dead-set against bearing children, abstinence is the only sure-fire, fool-proof 100% effective way of doing just that. If you wan to indulge in sexual activity, you had better be willing to accept the consequences. Yes, by consequences I mean pregnancy and childbirth.

Please don’t give me the “abortion is the responsible thing to do” load of malarkey. I’m not buying it. If you are woman enough to have sex, you are woman enough to carry and birth a child.

Don’t want kids? Fine. This leads me to the second dirty word in the pro-abort vocabulary: Adoption.

Mention adoption and all of a sudden you are “forcing women to gestate!!” Well girls, if you had practiced abstinenceyou wouldn’t be gestating. The simple fact is that you CHOSEit already by having sex. Every woman knows that even with contraception, there is a risk of getting pregnant. Choose sex. Choose pregnancy.

What is so wrong with carrying a child and giving another couple the privilege to be parents? Just because you don’t want to raise a child they can’t either?

Would you rather go through a risky medical procedure  that could kill you? (Don’t delude yourself, it can, just as Tonya Reeves family) and if you survive, the procedure could leave you sterile. If somewhere down the line you meet a great guy, get married and want to have a family, too bad. Then it may be you in the position of begging a young woman not to kill her child but to let you adopt the child instead.

Chew on that for a while.



  1. Ina Marie Hall · November 4, 2012

    Why do you address just women???? It’s not like we can spontaneously get pregnant all by ourselves! It just pisses me off that it’s always JUST the woman’s responsibility! Why not talk to men and tell them to stop trying to spread their seed everywhere! They have a major part in pregnancy! Teach them to abstain! What, boys will be boys???? Don’t give me that double standard malarkey either!! It’s not just a woman responsibility. It’s so easy for men to cum and walk away… You’re telling women to assume responsibility for their actions; tell men to do the same!!!!!!!!!

    • Jennifer King · November 4, 2012

      First off, calm down. I address women because it is the woman that has to carry and birth the child. Every Pro-abort I come across says that men need to keep their noses out of her “right” to choose. It is unfortunate that most of the responsibility falls on women, but ultimately its her ability to say no that will prevent pregnancy from happening. She has to have the maturity to say no. If she does become pregnant then it is her decision on adoption or keeping her child. Men don’t get much say in these matters thanks to the rabid feminists.

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