Facebook Censors Pro-Life Pages

Recently it came to my attention that Facebook removed a picture that was posted by our friends at Abolish Human Abortion. Facebook cited that it was too violent and violated the Terms of Service. Here is the poster and the commentary from AHA’s blog:

“Facebook removed our “Help us Halt the Slaughter” poster that we put up yesterday. (The one with an abortion diagram on it. Its imagery was considered too violent.) Funny thing is,  that drawing was adapted from an official abortion manual put out by the National Abortion Federation. It was a scientifically accurate illustration depicting how to murder a late first-trimester child with precision and accuracy.

When we let the members of our Facebook community page know about this in a status, asking them to “like” our status if they would Help us Halt the Slaughter even if we weren’t allowed to put up posters about it… members responded with 350 likes in 20 minutes. 550 in an hour.

That ought to let pro-choicers know that it isn’t our pictures that they ought to be worried about.”

AHA has it right, It isn’t our pictures they should be worried about. Every time something like this happens and attention is called to it, the more support we get. Maybe we should be thanking the pro-choicers for contributing to our cause!

Until next time, God Bless.





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