A Challenge to Pro-Abort Barry Dale— UPDATE!!

Or is it Barry Brett? So many fake names to keep track of….

Anyway. Here is my challenge for you Barry: Since you think you are of a superior intellect, I challenge you to come to the blog to debate the issues of abortion using logic and facts. No personal attacks, as soon as you use one, you’re done. I win. Are you up to it?


Well, I guess he wasn’t. He couldn’t even answer the challenge without  a personal attack:

The conversation goes on for quite some time, with Barry trying to change the terms, and calling me more names (he just can’t help himself) and then proceeding to call me a chicken. How can I be a chicken if I’m the one that issued the challenge in the first place? I found his terms unacceptable, and I wasn’t going to give in to his demands.

He couldn’t get through that conversation without personally attacking me. Does he think for one minute I’m going to debate him in a facebook forum were he can delete his personal attacks on me? I think not.

Barry, the challenge still stands. Are you man enough to accept?



  1. You don't need to know · October 28, 2012

    Why don’t you leave a link to the ENTIRE conversation? Are you going to post this comment? LOL You are such a condescending person.

    • Jennifer King · October 29, 2012

      Why bother? Its a long, drawn out session of Barry trying to change the rules and weasel out of the challenge. Not that he’d win anyway, he can’t stop himself from resorting to personal attacks when backed into a corner. He couldn’t even answer my challenge without attacking.

  2. stacey · October 30, 2012

    It sounds like you are the one backing down. He offered to debate with you, he just wants it on a fair playing field. What’s the matter, your way or no way? That’s real mature of you.

    • Jennifer King · October 30, 2012

      He’s not getting the opportunity to delete a comment where he personally attacks me. He will. He can’t help himself. I’m not backing down, the challenge still stands. This conversation has been on-going on facebook. I’ve offered him every opportunity to have it his way right here. He refuses.

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