Obama: Men Should Butt Out When It Comes To Abortion

Another gem from my friend Mary Anne Gunter.


If that logic is correct, then the first and most visible man needs to “shut up” – and that would be our own president – you know; the man who believes unplanned children of OTHER women are “punishment”; the man who holds the dubious honor of being the most pro-abort president in the history of this country; the man who has voted for partial birth abortion more than any other president in this country.

Respectfully, President Obama, YOU “shut up”. You have no right to ever speak to the issue of abortion. You care nothing for women; their dignity, their strength when faced with unforeseen circumstances, their courage, their muscle, their kindness, their sensitivity, their maternal instincts. Women are the mother of the entire world – and we do it earning less, with less help, often alone, and often being treated like second-class citizens. We are the sex that wasn’t even allowed to vote less than one hundred years ago. We are the sex that are the world’s proletariat. We are the sex that brings civility and a sense of unity and family to cultures. We are the sex that works while carrying a second human being inside our bodies, sometimes on our feet for 8 hours a day while often our men have to go to bed for 3 days with a sniffle. We are the sex that practically invented the relationship. We are the sex that embodies the fact that not Valentine’s Day, not Christmas, but Mother’s Day is the most-often commemorated holiday of the year (in terms of flowers and cards). We are the sex that when a person is being murdered, sometimes instinctively cries out for their mother moments before death. We are the sex that the greatest men across the eons of world history have given credit to for shaping them.

You insult women every single day with your disgusting and disappointing rhetoric and hyperbole. You dusted off a misogynistic, inappropriate, sex-addicted former president, a perpetually lusting, arrogant and demanding Georgetown law student, a veritable evidence-shredding, disingenuous sociopath of an HHS Secretary, and a do-nothing decadent, self-absorbed wife who has said she isn’t proud of her own country, to espouse your party’s viewpoint about abortion (before and after your party removed God and Jerusalem from its platform and only re-instated it upon public pressure, over and against 3 votes that, from what I listened to multiple times, clearly demonstrated it still wanted them out). When the public demanded you call for a congressional investigation into the shoddy medical practices of Planned Parenthood after a young woman died directly at its hands in July, you didn’t care for THAT woman (who left a small child motherless). Instead, you stepped up to your podium and asked for people to donate money to Planned Parenthood.

You have demonstrated that you can’t globally lead your way out of a paper bag. This country is in horrible shape, we are no longer an undisputed world leader, radical regimes laugh at us, student loans are over a trillion dollars, your healthcare plan is a misnomer for socialized medicine where the core group to receive healthcare first is the ~15-55 age bracket and the rest can go straight to Hades. You psychopathically run roughshod over the absolute fundamentals of what the Framers planned for this country – that this country honors the right of religious preference, religious AND personal rights of conscience (not everyone who objects to your abortion and contraception mandates is doing so strictly from a religious perspective. Many people who object to it are secularist). You have called people who “are dedicated to a single cause” (quote) such as “abortion, immigration” (quote) “terrorists” (quote). I am a kind, gentle lady who was formerly pro-choice, had an abortion myself, later suffered complications and am now surgically sterile. I was lied to about abortion from those who profited off my money for it. I asked for help later to deal with it from them, and I was laughed off. You support a rabid Westboroesque industry that has presented shoddy “research” that denies PAS even exists, which is not surprising since your industry needs it to not exist. Yet you have not spoken to one woman in this country like me who is walking proof of the damage of abortion. You refuse to. When I wrote to you several months ago a very courteous and respectful letter about this, you couldn’t even be bothered to send me so much as a computer-generated, auto-signature response. Sir, I am no “terrorist”. I would die first before I would ever harm or threaten anyone who stands in support of abortion and so to call me a “terrorist” is unspeakable and inhuman. Ironically, as a pro-life Conservative woman I seem to care more about the truly holistic physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, reproductive REAL health of women than you or your administration does.

You hate this country. You abhor its principles, its foundation, what it stands for. I heard you quite succinctly in a 2008 interview refer to “your government”. Pardon me sir, this is YOUR government, too. Only a zealot or an ideologue refers to his government as “your” government. I heard you quite succinctly in a speech wax positively eloquent on all of the countless contributions quite specifically the Muslim world had offered, everything from architecture to calligraphy to art to religion to history. Less than thirty seconds later, you clearly said, (quote), “We are no longer a Christian nation”. All you had to say was something to the effect of, “We are a great nation of diverse people, diverse beliefs and faiths”, and no one would have been offended. You deliberately chose that divisive, inflammatory statement and have since refused to apologize for its needless offense.

You have done virtually nothing for this country. You seem in the back pocket of corporate giants as the auto industry and Planned Parenthood (and don’t tell me that PP isn’t a wholly profitable, corporate giant). You trample the principles the Framers and historical precedent has set for this country, where people can come here and have the right as citizens to pursue the American dream of working hard and earning what they can honestly and that no one can take it away from them. If John Smith down the street earns a million dollars, instead of patting him on the back for his giving other people jobs and benefits, you sneer at him and tell him he should “pay a little more”. You denigrate Conservatives as not paying enough when in reality they are demonstrated to contribute more money then liberals. Governor Romney left you standing in the dirt when it was proven both his taxes as well as his donations far exceeded your own.

You don’t demonstrate a dignified respect for the Church or Christians. You eschewed time-honored presidential prayer breakfasts that no other president in history has rejected. You refuse to acknowledge the not only spiritual but cultural, historical importance of the Church in society. It is the church that opens its pockets and kitchens when the government turns away from the poor, the needy, the hurting, the homeless. I know – – I am a nurse case manager and can recite instance after instance where I begged governmental offices for help for impoverished families, only to be turned away and often even sent to local churches where, every time without exception, it was the church that helped those families.

You have demonstrated for four years that your strategy is to divide and conquer. You are a veritable master of division and angst. You have said that you could not work with Republicans / Conservatives. You sir, do not possess that luxury of choice. The Constitution itself bears witness to that. You are our leader – it is your deep responsibility, as well as privilege, to be the one to step forward first and extend the olive branch of peace to fractured hearts in this country and promise us that you want to unite this country. You have been a direct cause of much of the civil unrest in this country. George Bush tried to bring us together. Ronald Reagan tried to bring us together. Bill Clinton, the proverbial drooling dog in a meat market, couldn’t keep his pants pulled up long enough, whether to divide or unite us.

What happened to personal responsibility in this country? You put a sex-crazed law student behind a podium who embodies the ideology that “I will play, but you will pay, and f*** you if you don’t like it. So shut your pie-hole, dig out your wallet, because I want free contraception and abortion NOW!” You actually embrace the utterly laughable idea that you can order me out of the bedroom, citing a woman’s right to privacy about contraception and abortion issues – and then pirouette on a dime and order me to step back in when it’s time to help pay for it. You can’t have it both ways, or didn’t your mother teach you that growing up?

Mr. President, abortion is decidedly not women’s healthcare. Only the complications suffered from abortion only then render it healthcare. Contraception is rarely legitimate healthcare. Yet you have subversely bracketed abortion and contraception into an attractive “women’s healthcare” package and are prostituting it to earn votes. You pander to that certain worthless element of society that refuses to work, refuses to live a life of honor and dignity, refuses to carry its own weight, refuses to practice a modicum of self-respect by telling them in effect that their vote is worth a free cell phone. Instead of taking the leadership role as a man to be emulated and listened to, you enable their sense of entitlement and laziness when in this great country every opportunity is around them to make a life of dignity for themselves and their children. All for a pithy vote. You sir, are a philosophical prostitute.

People are known by the company they keep. One of the first clouds on the horizon years ago about you, Mr. President, was the disturbing facts surrounding your friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, as well as the Black Panthers being allowed to circumvent punishment for their menacing, armed, presence at voting booths. You have sent millions of our dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are directly associated with (literally) crucifying Coptic Christians in Egypt. You were bizarrely awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for…..for what, again? You continue taking credit for taking out Osama bin Laden, when in actuality it was George Bush’s administration that did most of the hard work on that issue, over and against the vehement objections of many liberals, I might add. Yet you only half-finished the job, a job you are inappropriately taking credit for as being accomplished. The Taliban and Al Quada are still in existence and still present a threat to this country, along with other Middle Eastern factions. Your Susan Rice is one of the most ineffectual, weak, stammering fools in your cabinet and still able to actually hold a job. Iran orgasmically hopes to destroy Israel (and us along with it if it can), and she and yourself can hardly be bothered. You said that you would stand by Israel if it were attacked. If Iran accomplishes its mission as it itself has said it plans to, there won’t BE an Israel left to defend. You utterly and completely mishandled the September 11, 2012 Libyan executions of American citizens and then outright lied about it and you were essentially busted on live gtelevision during the presidential debate.

You wouldn’t know women’s issues, women’s needs, women’s dignity, if someone gave you a book. I essentially just did. Show us intelligent, intellectual, caring women that you care about us – our minds, not just our vaginas and wombs. I am not asking you outright to outlaw Roe v. Wade; I personally don’t know that that is the best solution – what are we going to do; shackle and jail a pregnant woman to ensure she gives birth instead of aborts? That’s hardly a dignified or feasible answer. HELP US, PRESIDENT OBAMA, come up with solutions that work for women. Honor women and girls who find themselves pregnant. Help them with resources that will help them have their baby and give it up for adoption or keep it, as she personally chooses. You are an educated man – you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, the irrefutable, absolutely undoubtable, positions of science, biology, ethics, Aristotelian virtues, obstetrics, gynecology, genetics on the unborn fetus. You well understand (please don’t insult women by attempting to deny it) the humanity – the personhood – of the unborn child, its capacity for pain, and the unspeakable, Holocaust-like horror of partial birth abortion. Your own wife called it in a letter “so-called partial birth abortion”. What is “so-called” about it? It is a late-term, viable, pain-conscious child that is manually held in the vagina to keep it from fully emerging. As long as at least the head is still encapsulated within the vaginal vault, it can legally be called “unborn”. Never mind the fact from the neck down, it is incontrovertibly BORN. It is then quite literally stabbed cranially or cervically, killing it. And you have repeatedly voted in support of this inhuman and inhumane procedure. Where is your virtue? Where is your honor? Where is your dignity, Mr. President? Human beings, created in the image of God, were not designed to live like this, where the deliberate killing of your own is touted as freeing and empowering.

HELP US, PRESIDENT OBAMA, find avenues where women and girls don’t feel they have to kill their own, have to hurt their own bodies, have to destroy their own souls by having this unspeakable thing called “abortion”, in order to feel “empowered”. Abortion does not empower women and it does not free them. It does not give peace or joy. Abortion creates problems, it does not erase them. Be a man and admit to women everywhere that you support sex-selective abortion (you know, killing a girl BECAUSE she is a girl. Please explain to every woman in this country how that dignifies and respects women). Be a man and admit to women everywhere that you know, as an intelligent, educated husband and father of girls yourself, why it’s okay for women to kill THEIR children but it wouldn’t be okay for someone to kill YOURS. Your daughters are beautiful and dignified young ladies. THEY deserve better than what you are dishing out to the rest of us women.

We are more than our vaginas and our uteruses. We are more than mindless sexual intercourse multiple times a day, per Sandra Fluke’s calculations on her monetary need for contraception. We are more than only caring about our sex lives and contraception and abortion. Intelligent women care about this country, its people, our future, our economy, our debt, our planet, our environment, our borders, our education system, our elderly, our poor, our healthcare crisis, our jobs, other countries that need us, our military. Yet, in the face of all logic, you continue to relegate us to the bedroom.

No, Mr. President, you have done nothing for us. Nothing for this country. Nothing to help us heal. Nothing to help us honor ourselves nor each other. We are divided and angry and hurt and instead of speaking out to heal us, you laugh at us.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Anne

She’s the greatest!
Until next time, God Bless!



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