More Pro-Choice Ignorance

One of the stupidest Pro-Choice slogans ever has to be: “If you are against abortion, don’t have one!”

What if we applied the flawed logic to other despicable acts?

“If you are against rape, don’t rape someone.”

“If you are against child abuse, don’t abuse a child.”

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Not only is the slogan an ignorant statement, it is also the title of a Pro-Choice (More like Pro-Abortion) page on facebook. Its chock full of of pearls of “wisdom” (sarcasm intended). Here a just a few nuggets I’ve seen. There are way too many to list, but here are the highlights:

Surgery is simple? Cheap? Safest? NO WAY!
How ill-informed are these women?

Abortion is not birth control. Using condoms, the pill, NFP (Natural Family Planning) or abstinence is birth control. Abortion is the intentional taking of another life.

While a agree that he was assassinated (anti-choice terrorist? Get real.) and did not deserve to die, I do not agree that he was a compassionate physician helping women in need. He performed late-term abortions, killing thousands of viable babies. The is nothing compassionate about that. A compassionate physician would have treated the mother, not kill the child.

How is this good news? Women who use Plan B only have a 80% chance of preventing pregnancy. Taking a birth control pill every day is 99.9 % effective. There are higher risks of ectopic pregnancy with Plan B. It does not solve the problem, it only makes it worse. Why they think handing out these pills to young girls (WITHOUT Parental notification) is absurd. Students in New York schools can’t even get a Tylenol without parental permission AND a doctor’s order, But a pill that could possibly kill a teenage girl? No problem! What is wrong with these people??

Here are a few more asinine posts:

It makes you wonder… The way these people think that another human life is less than nothing, how happy are they in their own lives?
Until next time. God Bless.



  1. 8kidsandabusiness · October 26, 2012

    Unbelievable, sickening, frightening. They know abortion is wrong, that’s why they can only come up with illogical statements to prevent the taking of an unborn baby’s life. Pray for them. Pray for the doctors and nurses who perform abortions.

  2. Kaye · October 26, 2012

    I’m very happy in my life and I am pro-choice.

    The bottom line is if I don’t want something inside me, I should be able to get rid of it. Birth control is not 100% effective. Even sterilizations have failed. So bug off. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. Abortion affects one person: the woman who gets it.

    You wouldn’t have provided for all those babies for 18 years and forcing someone to become a parent is asking for trouble. And before you scream adoption, there are over 400,000 children up for adoption. Let’s get the foster system empty before we add more kids into it.

    I wonder how happy you are in your life that you feel it’s your business what somebody else decides to do with her body. I don’t go poking my nose in other people’s business, whether I like what they’re doing or not. If it affects only that person, scram!

    • Jennifer King · October 26, 2012

      Sorry Kaye, but abortion affects more than just the woman who gets one. It affects the child being aborted, the father of that child, grandparents and siblings.

      If you don’t want “something inside you” I suggest you take steps to prevent it BEFORE it happens. Birth control pills are 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy. I took them for over 10 years and never had an unwanted pregnancy. Friends of mine have had tubal ligation and have NEVER had unwanted pregnancy. it is stated to be 99% effective.

      Where do you get your adoption numbers from? According to the adoption institute, there are 127,000 children waiting for adoption in the foster care system. 2 MILLION families are waiting to adopt. Research dear, please don’t pull numbers out of thin air and expect me to swallow it.

      I am quite happy in my life thank you very much. I have 3 beautiful daughters, all unplanned, but never unwanted.

      Contrary to your statement of being happy, I think not. Happy people not not tell others to “Scram” because they differ in opinion.

      • Kaye · October 26, 2012

        Perhaps you should do your own research.

        If relatives take offense to what someone does with their body, they have issues. This isn’t a tattoo or piercing.

        Good for the you that birth control never failed, but for some women, they have. And good for you that you wanted your kids, but not everyone wants kids. Like I said, forcing someone to be a parent is asking for trouble. If I became pregnant and couldn’t abort for whatever reason, the baby would be left on my floor without so much as a name because I don’t want it or any kids ever. And I hate hospitals with a burning passion (creepy places, they are), hence why it would be left on the floor and not in the hospital bed.

        And if there two million families waiting to adopt, then the system should be empty already. Those kids must get tired of waiting.

        Getting an abortion wouldn’t affect my family any more than me getting sterilized would (something I would’ve gotten at age 11, if I could’ve). If they had a problem with that, then too bad. Not their body, choice or money.

        I’d rather hear about an abortion than a toddler who was beaten to death for crying (yes, that does happen). Unless you think being born just to be beaten to death is still worthwhile.

        Happy people don’t criticize others for a choice is doesn’t affect them or anyone else but the person making it. Reminds me of the bullies who teased me for my hair in grade school.

      • Jennifer King · October 26, 2012

        I did do my research dear.

        You would be that heartless as to leave a newborn on the floor? Happy? I don’t think so. No one is forcing anyone to be a parent. Either be responsible and not get pregnant, or if you do, put the child up for adoption.

        Like I said before, your “choice” affects a lot of people, not just you. Too bad you are too selfish to realize this.

        Good day to you now. I will pray for you.

      • Jennifer King · October 26, 2012

        Perhaps you should advocate for a better adoption system instead of the senseless murder of innocent children.

    • Dood really? · January 17, 2014

      If you don’t want a baby inside you be responsible and don’t have sex. Since after all birth control can fail as you said. If you can’t handle the gravity of what can happen from sex you shouldn’t be having sex.

  3. Kaye · October 27, 2012

    Praying for me makes no sense, as I’m not religious.

    Yes, I would leave the baby on the floor. I just said I don’t want any kids and I hate hospitals because they creep me out. The only time I want to visit a hospital is to get sterilized and I have to wait a coule more years for that (because doctors think women are stupid).

    I’m fine with adoption. Problem is I still have to give birth to it. If they could surgically take it out of me (and knock me unconscious before doing so) and implant it in another woman who wants it, no problem. But they can’t.

    My choice affects no one but me. If my family dislikes any choice I make, that’s their problem. If I made choices based on what my family thinks, I wouldn’t have any choice at all. One of my relatives, back when I was 15, told me not to be friends with someone because she was Hispanic. I guess my choice to be friends with a Hispanic girl affected them. Am I selfish for being friends with her? Going by your logic, I guess so. Oh, well. Today, we are close friends and she’s called me her big sister before (despite that she has one). Oh, how selfish! I made a choice that apparently affected my family and now, someone views me as their big sister. What a terrible person I am!

    Please. Like I said, birth control sometimes fails. I wish I could’ve been sterilized at 11, but even sterilizations have failed (thankfully, less than birth control, but still). Plus, if a woman were to get pregnant after being sterilized, I think that would be an ectopic pregnancy and that woman’s life would be in jeopardy. Ah, but who cares about her life? She’s pregnant now. No life for her!

    Like I said, get those 127,000 children out of the system and I’ll reconsider. And while you’re at it, grab all the children being abused and put them with some of those two million families waiting to adopt. Don’t forget the children who are starving! They need homes too!

    If I’m selfish because I don’t want any kids and will do everything in my power to prevent having them, that’s fine by me. I don’t need a kid to leech off me for 18+ years (let alone, three of them). So be it.

    And you really shouldn’t call somebody you’re arguing with “dear”. That’s an insult and hypocritical (seriously, who does that unless they’re married to the person they’re arguing with?).

    • Kaye · October 27, 2012

      And one more thing. 127,000 is the number of children available for adoption. Well, actually, the estimate is between 118,000 and 127,000. The number of children total in the foster system is much higher and 25,000 of those kids “age out” of the foster system (yes, there are teenagers waiting to be adopted; how many people want them?).

      • Jennifer King · October 27, 2012

        59% are returned to their parents. 10% live with relatives (still in their own family) 7% are emancipated, 3% live with a guardian, 16% are adopted, and 5% fall under the category of “other” Please do some research before spouting off nonsense.

    • Jennifer King · October 27, 2012

      yes I can tell you aren’t religious. Your callous attitude toward human life shows it.

      Sterilized at 11? How old are you? I think you need to grow up a little and get some life experience behind you before making such rash and illogical statements.

      Sorry dear, but I call everyone younger than me “dear” Sweetheart”” or “honey”. Its my way of showing that I care by using a term of endearment. If you take it as an insult that’s your problem.

      • Kaye · October 27, 2012

        I didn’t say I was sterilized at 11. I said I wish I could’ve been. I began having my period two weeks before I turned 11, which is why I say I wish I could’ve been sterilized at that age. How is that a rash or illogical statement? It basically just means I want to be sterile. Too bad they can’t knock me unconscious and rip my uterus out.

        My atheism really has nothing to do with my being pro-choice. There are actually pro-life atheists, weird as that might sound.

        Way of showing that you care? That’s a joke. I will say nothing about that subject.

        I didn’t spout off nonsense. I looked it up. People do that on the Internet.

        What makes you think I don’t care about human life? Because I said I’d leave the baby on the floor? Because I said I’d do anything to prevent myself from having kids? I like kids plenty. I just don’t want any of my own, so why would I have them? Or why should I, rather?

        When people don’t want pets anymore, they get rid of them. Sometimes, they just kick them out onto the street, but I don’t see an outcry over that. Actually, parents sometimes kick out their children after they turn 18 or if they come out as gay. Where’s the rage against that? Or does it not matter because they’re not fetuses? Sheesh.

      • Jennifer King · October 27, 2012

        You couldn’t give a crap about your own child and would leave it on the floor to die, so yes, you have NO REGARD for human life.

        Pets are animals not human beings. Yes there is outcry over that. Ever hear of the Humane Society? Seems celebrities would rather cry out over a homeless dog than a human being, Sad really. I place the value of a human over a animal any day.

        I have gay relatives, no one kicked them out of the house because of it. Stop generalizing.

        Grow up little girl.

    • Dood really? · January 17, 2014

      Lol I was pro-choice as a child too. Grow up a bit kid. Your mind will change.

  4. Kaye · October 27, 2012

    5’4″ is little? What world do you live in? So I guess you’re eight feet tall, huh? I guess that is big.

    I didn’t say all parents. I said some parents. Some parents have done that. Look it up.

    What part of “I don’t want children” are you not getting? Of course, I wouldn’t care about it. I don’t want it! If I don’t want to be a parent, why would I care? If I’m babysitting, then I care about those kids, but they’re not mine and I don’t want them (permanently). If it’s my own and I don’t want it, then it makes no sense for me to care about it. That’s speaking for myself. If anybody wants it, they can take it, but I’m not doing anything with it. I don’t want it.

    So animals don’t matter? Then, “pro-life” should be “pro-human life”. Last I checked, animals don’t pull half the nonsense humans do, so yes, I value them. When was the last time an animal grew up to be a serial killer?

    Look, if a little kid comes knocking at my door, asking for food, I’ll gladly take the kid in for the night, feed him/her until his/her stomach is full and give him/her my bed. I’m not going to go through nine months of a nightmare (yes, pregnancy is a nightmare to me) and then horrid pain for something I don’t want. I already said if they could knock me out and surgically remove it from my body and implant in a woman who wants it, I’d do that, but that’s not possible, it seems.

    Here’s a better idea: Since you want to shout “just don’t get pregnant”, why don’t you go tell all the doctors who refuse to let women be sterilized to knock it off and allow it? I want to be sterilized now, but no doctor would ever allow it. When there’s a law that says “women may willingly be sterilized at the age of 18 and over with no arguments made”, I’ll shut up.

  5. Jennifer King · October 28, 2012

    Thank you. Its just one of the free themes from wordpress with a pro-life graphic I found for the header.

  6. Henry Jenkins · May 12, 2016

    To Kaye:

    “If relatives take offense to what someone does with their body, they have issues. This isn’t a tattoo or piercing.”

    Wow, are you really that ignorant or is it an act? Here’s hoping it’s an act. And here are some things that you should have already learned long ago in health class. Here’s why “my body, my choice” is wholly irrelevant to the abortion issue:
    1. If the unborn human was just “part of the woman’s body” then it would only move when the woman’s brain tells it to move, like the woman’s arm or leg; instead it moves when IT wants to move as soon as it’s able, thus it is in no way a “part of the woman’s body”.
    2. If the unborn was “part of the woman’s body” then it would have just her DNA. Unfortunately for the pro-abortion folks it has a combination of her DNA and her partner’s, therefore it is not simply a “part of the woman’s body” but rather is its own discrete human being.
    3. If the unborn was “part of the woman’s body” then it would always have her blood type; sadly for your side of the debate sometimes the unborn human has a different blood type. Thus it is its own discrete human being, not a part of her body.
    4. If the unborn was “part of the woman’s body” then the embryo would not need to emit chemical signals that deactivate the mother’s immune system on a local level to prevent her antibodies from attacking it as a foreign body. Unfortunately for your side this happens, meaning the unborn is not “part of the woman’s body” but its own discrete being.

    All of that should clearly show anyone with common sense two things:
    1. The unborn human is not simply a “part of the woman’s body” like her appendix or fingers or toes; and
    2. The “my body, my choice” slogan is totally irrelevant to the abortion debate as we are clearly not talking about just a part of the woman’s body but a separate, discrete being.

    And another example of your ridiculously faulty logic, if I may use such a grandiose term as “logic” to describe your immature rambling and very poor excuse for reasoning, you say:
    “I’d rather hear about an abortion than a toddler who was beaten to death for crying (yes, that does happen). Unless you think being born just to be beaten to death is still worthwhile.”

    Ah yes, the old “it’s better to kill the unborn than to take the chance of it being abused” line of “reasoning”. I’ve heard this only about a thousand times before and it gets no more effective with repeated retelling. By this logic, of “saving” a baby from a potential childhood of misery or potential early death at the hands of an abuser by having it aborted, one could apply that to other situations and find it making no more sense. Would you say to a man who has survived being hit by a car twice in his life that it’s a good idea for him to commit suicide now rather than take the risk of being hit by another car and crippled? Of course not. Would you tell a new mother who is raising her baby in the ghetto that it’s better to just drown her baby in the bathtub than to take the risk of it going hungry and being a poor kid going to a crappy inner-city school? Of course not. You see, what your “logic” really boils down to is trying to prevent a bad POSSIBILITY by guaranteeing a worse outcome. If you think such an idea has merit then you truly have crap for brains but that would make you a typical example of the pro-abortion movement that will twist logic into a pretzel all to try to justify the unjustifiable and make something monstrous and abominable seem acceptable.

    How you can sleep at night is beyond me.

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