Pro-Choice Ignorance And The Bible

I saw something the other day that really chapped my khakis:

The sign in the center of the picture states: “God raped Mary, she should have aborted”.

Sometimes pro-choice ignorance astounds me. If you are going to say something about God, you darn well better get your facts straight before scrawling an ignorant comment on piece of cardboard and holding it up for all the world to see.

If this person had actually picked up a bible and read the account of Mary’s visit from the angel, they would know that she was told of God’s plan for her and she consented. (Luke 1:30-38) Last time I checked, giving consent did not equal rape. It is ludicrous to even think about  calling Jesus’ conception a rape, considering Mary was never physically violated.
Here’s another good one from a flaming choicer on facebook, Barry Dale.  He seems to think that “The wages of sin is death” comes from the 10 commandments:

Sorry to disappoint you Barry, but that was a statement made by the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans. Perhaps you should have read the entire verse: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Notice how he tries to turn this verse into a personal attack towards me and my appearance. This is what he resorts to when presented with a fact. His brain is like Teflon when it comes to those pesky facts; they don’t stick. Since he can’t engage in an intellectual debate, he reduces himself to the level of a playground bully.

Here’s another example from his page of ignorance:

Are you serious?? The meaning of free will is that we have the option to serve the Lord or not. It does not give us permission to sin, and as the 6th commandment states: “thou shall not murder”. Abortion is clearly murder since it is the intentional taking of another human life.

Choicers, if you’re going to misquote or misrepresent something, Please use something you are familiar with? Thanks.
Until next time, God Bless!



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