NEWS FLASH: No Woman Is Denied Access To Contraception!!

The following comes from my friend Mary Anne Gunter. She has a wonderful page on facebook  that I think you will like:

I was planning a similar article, and after seeing Mary Anne’s I thought that I couldn’t have said it better myself. Enjoy!

THIS COMMENT FOR ADULTS ONLY – – A sidebar news flash to anyone obtuse enough to actually believe that inflammatory, temperamental propaganda about being “denied access” to contraception and abortion:

No woman is “denied access”. I’ll say it again very slowly:


There are multiple forms of contraception, almost all of which are highly effective (when you slow down long enough to actually read and heed the directions), and OTC (read “do not require insurance and/or prescription”). Ironically, many forms of contraception AND abortion do NOT require that socialized so-called “healthcare” coverage this administration is militantly determined to shove down ALL our throats, ignoring the fact that the majority of people in this country oppose it. (Yes, OPPOSE it).

Abortion? Head on down to your corner PP; it’s just a mere few hundred bucks. If you can afford $200 athletic shoes and a tattoo and new iPod you can afford an abortion out of pocket. Or perhaps you ignored the fact that the annual voluntary expenditure, alone, of getting your nails done will almost cover the price of an abortion. If you’re looking for sympathy from me, sorry, babe. You’re not going to find it.What the issue with the HHS mandate is (if you even care) is federally requiring businesses, and real live human beings whose dictates of conscience and/OR religion cannot support it, to pay for contraception AND abortion (they nearly always leave out the abortion-part…).

You are not being “denied access” to contraception. You are not being “denied access” to abortion. But you are facing off with people who have a conscience and who will not sit quietly like the dull-witted sheep you demand we be and pay for your contraception and pay for your abortion against our conscience. You want it? That’s fine. Especially the contraception – I support that enthusiastically. But if you’re big girl enough to have sex and require contraception, then you’re big girl enough to pay for it yourself. Or didn’t your mother teach you to own it and take responsibility for your own choices and only have sex when you can safely and completely assume ALL the risks and consequences? Because having sex includes a lot of risks and it includes a lot of consequences.

We’re all adults here, so I am going to say this: In the Dustin Hoffman film “Tootsie”, is a line by Terri Garr: “I’m responsible for my own orgasm!” That’s a woman who is taking responsibility and a proactive part in her own sexual choices and understands that her sex life and its ramifications are hers alone. You’re also responsible for your own contraception and your own abortion if you want to have a sexually active lifestyle – married or not.

Being sexually active, married or single, is about deep responsibility and also deep risks. And you have to assume them ALL if you want to be sexually active. Having sex is one of the most intensely personal things a human being can do – by that logic alone this requires that only you (and your partner; where’s HE in all this?) should be the ones to take the risk, answer to your OWN conscience, and not ask any other human being to compromise THEIR wallets and THEIR conscience for that intensely personal, private act. Because that is what a sexually-active life is ABOUT.

Intelligent, THINKING women practice this.

Until next time, God Bless!

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