What’s Wrong With Being A Stay-At-Home Mother?

Technology is grand, When it works. I have had more trouble with modems and wireless routers lately to last me a lifetime!
So, why do Pro-Aborts look down on us stay-at-home mothers? Is is jealousy? Sometimes I think so. I’ve had a lot of working moms tell me they wish they could stay home with their young children. Others tell me they’d go insane being home all day.
I have to say that there are times when I am starved for adult conversation. I can’t wait for my husband to get home so I can talk about stuff other than trying to interpret my Autistic twins’ garbled English. Since starting school full time they are getting much better, but its still a challenge at times.
I wonder if my mother felt the same way when we were young. My older brother and I only have a year and 4 months between us, and my younger brother came along 7 years after me. I remember “interpreting” for my little brother because my mom couldn’t understand him!

I’m proud to be a stay-at-home mom. I was raised by one and I think that is why I have a good handle on life. She was always there for us, and that’s what I want for my kids.

I did work some of the time. I had a job for 5 years after my daughter was in school full time and I found a job that worked along with her school schedule. She only spent an hour in the after-school program. After my twins were born I was back at home again.

My mom was always there. She’s my hero. She took care of us when we were sick. Now I do that for my kids. She ironed our clothes, packed our lunches, cooked great dinners. I do the same for my husband and children.

I’ve been told by pro-aborts that I “leech off ” my poor overworked husband. My mom didn’t leech off my dad and I sure as hell don’t leech of my husband. My marriage and my parent’s marriage are very similar. My dad worked 12 hour days 5 days a week and put in another 6 on Saturday. My husband works and 8 hour shift at one job and then 3-4 days a week will put in another 4 at his second job. Just like my dad, when he gets home nothing is expected from him but to rest. My mother waited on my dad hand and foot, and I do the same for my husband. Its my way of showing him I appreciate all the hard work he puts in to keep the roof over our head and food on the table. Sure there are times when things need fixing around the house, but unless the basement is flooding or the furnace breaks down, they can keep until he feels up to working on it.

I consider being a stay-at-home mom an honor, and if the pro-aborts don’t like it, they know where they can shove it. I’m not here to please them.


Update: Wow, check out this comment:

Sorry, but when is the last time you ironed anything? As far as waiting on my brother hand and foot, that is a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it? Don’t forget, I have been there and seen how you are. You let him worry about most everything, and Susie has had more to do with taking care of the twins than you have done. This blog is nothing more than you living in a fantasy. Don’t forget, I have talked to my brother a time or two, and I know how he feels about some things. Have a blessed day.”

Well dear sister-in-law, I had no idea that you were living in my home and saw what goes on each day. As I recall, the last time you ever set foot in my house was over a year ago. Talk to you brother? Hardly. Last time you called was to scream obscenities into my answering machine accusing me of something I did not do.  You really shouldn’t pass judgement on things you know NOTHING about. Now YOU have a blessed day!


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