Some Of The Stupidest Pro-Choice Signs and Statements.

Busy day! I got up and out early today to go to some estate sales. I was looking for a set of dishes, since all but a few of mine have been broken. I scored a great 40 piece set of Mikasa at the 5th sale I found. So bringing home my prize resulted in having to find room in the cabinets for all 40 pieces. I ended up re-organizing the entire kitchen!

You’re thrilled, I can tell. So on to the good stuff!

I promised you some of the stupidest pro-choice signs and statements  I’ve ever seen, so here they are in no particular order:

Keep your laws off my body? Does that mean you want ALL laws regarding your body taken away? Like the ones that protect you from harm?

So now according to pro-aborts, not having sex is the same as aborting a living human? How so? All of a sudden nature has changed so sperm and eggs can now develop into a human being all on their own?

This is a joke right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but in 100% of the cases, abortion ENDS lives.

This has got to be the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen.  Fix sandwiches and have men tell us what to do? I think not. Apparently pro-aborts  aren’t that smart, since they cannot comprehend that the baby is NOT their body.

Yep, keep the government out of your womb except when demanding free birth control and taxpayer funded abortions!

Oh this is wrong on so many points. Deanna Candler of Live Action says it best here.

Okay, riddle me this: If pro-aborts justify abortion on the grounds that the fetus has no conscious thought, how can a he/she make that conscious decision? I also thought that pro-aborts insist that he/she is a fetus until birth, yet this confused woman uses the word ‘baby’. Contradictions contradictions…

Anti-Sex? Really? I’m against abortion and I don’t use birth control, but my husband and I have a very active sex life.

Anti-choice? Wrong again Choicers! You have 5 choices: Abstinence, birth control, sex education, adoption, or responsibility.

I’ll be you two that I’m not!

What?? What drug is Ms. Taft on? If they valued life they would not end it. They would take the matter seriously, bring the child into the world and give it up for adoption. Just because YOU can’t raise a child doesn’t mean others can’t either.

What part of the word BIRTHday do they not get?

She’s a statue, she doesn’t have a uterus.

And the dumbest of all:

Last I checked, Abortion DOESN’T SAVE the baby, it KILLS the baby. Duh.

I can go on and on all day and all night with this stuff. I see this crap every day and it makes me wonder how these folks get around without bumping into walls. God gave everyone brains, yet some choose not to use them.

So there you have it folks, pro-choice logic at its finest.
Stay tuned for the next post: Abortion Safer Than Childbirth?

Until then, God Bless!



  1. Samantha Thompson · September 14, 2013

    Please, get a life and stop hating on women for a choice. Thanks, Jabba.

    • Jennifer King · September 14, 2013

      Who hates women? Just because someone believes that killing a child in the womb shouldn’t be a choice does not mean they hate women. Jabba? Hmm, says your name is Samantha, why would you sign your comment as “Jabba”?

  2. Ced · February 3, 2016

    Are you aware that 50% of all sexual assault victims are underaged girls? Or that in one year 150 million girls are raped? I bet you weren’t, right? The rate of pregnancy caused by rape can be very imprecise, but it’s generally something like 14%. If you understand math you should know that represents 21 million girls. Now, let’s say I’m one of them. Due to me being raped my pregnancy is far less healthier, add that to the fact that the number one cause of death for girls in-between the ages of 15 and 19 is childbirth, I know nothing good will come out of it. Nothing good except a possible baby. Possible, because there might be complications during the birth. So I go and seek for help, right? But I am in a country where abortion is illegal, still I refuse to do the exact thing that could kill me: give birth. So I seek for a different kind of help. Illegal help. Illegal because people like you wanted it this way. I can never be sure if I am trusting the right person, but if I am not I’ll simply lose my life, right? So I do it, and I survive, still 49 thousand of girls just like me die. And that happens every year because of people like you. Because your God thinks of it as something wrong. Like as if it was wrong to try to survive. And so you believe in that God, the same God that enslaved people for hundreds of years, the same God that said getting tattoos and letting your hair grow is wrong. The same God who claimed that every woman must be submissive to her husband, just like every black tho their white. Your God says abortion is wrong because when I abort I am a killer. But so I guess I am okay with being a killer if it means that tomorrow I can wake up and have my dad teach me how to drive. And soon enough my mom will help me pay college. And I will live my life the exact way I was supposed to live it times before I was sexually assaulted. And maybe, eventually, I will wonder how would my life be if I hadn’t aborted. But then I think I probably wouldn’t have a life, and my baby would live in an orphanage, with a monster for a dad and girl for a mother, both gone, none present. Life would be so hard for my baby. But I wouldn’t be the killer. You would. You killed me. You forbid me to do the exact thing that could have saved my life. Because when it comes to abortion, there are only killers. The thing is that I know how to carry my burden. It’s just too bad you didn’t even know that you would have to carry yours. Have a nice day.

    • Jennifer King · February 5, 2016

      Rape accounts for less than 1% of all abortions. Using it as an excuse for the other 99% done for convenience is disgusting. Stop using rape victims to support killing children in the womb.

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